30 March 7pm at The Sunday Papers Live, in Cecil Sharpe House

13 May  at 6pm – Food Will Save Us.  Forge & Foundry, Camden Town – for Camden Create Festival

31 May at 5:30 in the Avalon Rising arena, at the Sunrise Celebration

5 July – Eternal Knowledge Festival in Warwickshire

24-27 July – Secret Garden Party – speaking at the Forum, afternoon of Friday 25th

9th and 10th August –  panel and talk at Wilderness festival,  Forum 12:35 on 9th and 10:50 on the 10th.

13th September, Festival of Life in the Lobby Area – 2pm

24th October, Evolution Cabaret at Tottenham Chances – 8pm

21st November, at Electric Circus for Gaza, 10:15

23rd November, at the Cosmic Trigger in Liverpool – 2pm


Earlier pre-launch talks on this book.

Festival of Life –  Speaking about how we can do it better, on Saturday, 14th September  at 12:30 in the Bertram Room, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RLBilderberg Fringe Festival

Secret Garden Party  2013

Mango Landin’ series – Inspiring Minds in May 2012 – short video clip here