0 Preface – A Natural State

Why should we believe the top-down state to be a necessary evil, assuming society would collapse without central control underwritten by a forceful hand? Wars, taxes and corrupt politicians are assumed to be a natural part of the human lot – an inevitable accompaniment to civilization. In this book’s Preface, I point out that we have experienced countless variations of the state, from pharaohs to parliaments, from popes to presidents, and keep hoping the next variation will get it right – vainly.  Perhaps we are not all natural-born killers and need not fight and kill each other to maintain a status quo that thrives on strife. Perhaps living in peace and harmony with each other, and our planet, is an easier and more natural condition than that we experience today.

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Seven current examples of the out-of-date state in action.

UK  – FRACKING away! The UK government pushes forward with its plans to frack the hell out of our green and pleasant land, pumping toxic chemicals through miles of horizontal shafts beneath the ground. They are bribing local councils to

Uncle Sam Shuts Down as “The State Is Out Of Date” launches

Timing doesn’t get much more appropriate than this. On Oct 1st, the very day the US government grinds to a standstill, my book, The State Is Out of Date – We Can Do It Better, is released in its $2.99