10 A Terminal Toolbag

It is characteristic of the most stringent censorships that they give credibility to the opinions they attack.

Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

Takes us on a trip through built-in flaws of the tools and techniques employed by the state in “managing” our world.

  • Overgrowth Mechanism – Explains why the state and its subdivisions keep getting bigger and bigger. All organisms like to grow, but most of them have natural controls upon that growth.
  • The Disconnected Factor – Looks at the consequences of severing that all important feedback loop between supplier and receiver, and how it affects on our interactions with the state.
  • Repression – How banning things that the government disapproves of often ends up stimulating their growth.
  • Support it – How government support for the victims of society will frequently create more of those victims.
  • Attack it – In many cases the bodies established to attack specific problems, such as organized crime or climate change, can themselves become dependent upon the continued threat of that which they exist to attack.

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