12 Voting

Voting does not lead us to positive evolutionary change any more than do armed revolutions, insurrections, invasions, or fundamentalist takeovers. It is simply another mechanism for determining who holds the coercive reins of power. The democratic voting system is freedom designed by a committee, a committee of those in power. True freedom is far simpler and a lot more free-flowing.

Most who do vote, do so against one side rather than for another. When we vote with our pockets we can stop drinking Guinness after a 30-year steady relationship and we will not be arrested. When we vote with the ballot we don’t get to stop buying the product, nor do we get to buy a new product; we simply get to change the manufacturer of the product. It is like saying yes, we are free to stop drinking Guinness, but we still have to buy and consume some other variety of beer and may even get a wine option.

With ever increasing numbers disenchanted by the voting process this chapter why that is so, going deeper than a rant about the quality of politicians on offer. Voting does not deliver us majority rule in the first place, and even if it did, there is nothing inherently virtuous about rule by the many.

“In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place.” Mahatma Gandhi (c 1950)


This short chapter from The State Is Out of Date sheds light upon the subject.

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