15 The Thin Borderline

“Nationalism is an infantile sickness – it is the measles of the human race.”

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Readers are reminded that we are one of the few creatures on this earth that may not use its own free will to move from place to place completely oblivious to lines drawn on the map. We, the most intelligent and developed species on earth, have our movement carefully controlled and monitored by states around the world every time we seek to move across a red line on the map of our planet.

In this chapter we look at the real necessity for having lines drawn across the planet and suggest that such concepts should be becoming obsolete rather than ever more entrenched. Rather than being based on human realities, many border controls have little purpose other than to prevent people entering countries in order to “unfairly” benefit from state handouts and free services.

The Internet and satellite communications are rapidly breaking down the old societal barriers between our different cultural heritages. It is time also, to wither away the unnatural boundaries erected by the red tape of bureaucracy, to end the sad plight of humans being unable to wander about the planet they were born upon.

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