24 Banking and Banksters

This chapter, new to the upgrade, cuts through some of the obscurity of banking, a long-established and sanctioned industry with dubious moral standards. The severity of bankers’ moral transgressions is highlighted by fines from the hundreds of millions to over a billion dollars, yet none go to prison for their crimes, instead being effectively allowed to treat them as business operating costs. Unlike fines imposed for industrial accidents, oil spills, and drunken driving, the bankers’ crimes are intentional, deceptive and fraudulent. This chapter ends with a very strong and revealing selection of quotes on banking, from bankers, statesmen and Henry Ford.

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The BBC reports that a fifth of crimes are going unrecorded, but the true figure is far higher. The official HMIC report on this refers only to “notifiable offences.” And the elephant at the crime scene that nobody appears to