27 The Drugs Problem

“The Drug War is fueled by the fact that at this historic moment…our politicians are suffering from enemy deprivation. Faced with the real problems of urban decay, slipping global competitiveness, and a deteriorating educational system, the government has decided instead to turn its energies toward the sixty million Americans who use illegal psychoactive drugs.”

Timothy Leary

Making a case that the main drug problems we experience have been caused by the blanket illegality of recreational and inspirational drugs in the first place. These substances entered our culture 30,000 years ago and co-evolved with us until very recently without any ban against their use. Now that all our traditional mind-altering drugs, but one, are stringently controlled we have record levels of alcohol consumption and a plethora of expensive pharmaceutical drugs manufactured to counter depression, attention deficit disorder, manic depression, paranoia, anxiety and so forth. The numbers who die as a result of errors, bad reactions, and overdosing of pharmaceutical drugs dwarfs those damaged by banned drugs. Many derive great benefit from the occasional use of harmless and non-addictive drugs made from plants. Who benefits from the banning of traditional medicines and altered states of mind?


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The OTHER Drug Problem

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Some sanity? Less madness, perhaps.

The US is running out of prison space and having to take measures. Since most of the pressure is caused by mandatory sentencing for people found altering their mental states with unapproved substances, they may be a lightening up on