32 And Where From Here?

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929 – 1968)

Summarizing the book, this upbeat chapter shows us just how capable we are of coming up with solutions and dealing with situations. There almost certainly is a way forward but will we create the climate in which to make our route through to the future, or will we entrust it to the politicians?
That which we most reliably enjoy today is the fruit of our own complex and chaotic society, not the creation of any parliament, king or emperor. We can live happily within our complex system and we can find ways to govern and manage some of the more universal elements of it.
Refers to George Orwell’s satire on an “ideal” Soviet world. He had the cameras indoors rather than outdoors but his vision of an endless war against a shifting and indeterminate enemy was spot on. And he foresaw well-programmed humans doing similar people-monitoring data-collection work to that now processed through computers.
We can do it. We have the tools and the intellect to advance our civilisation. It is unlikely that we can do it however while still carrying the monkey of the state on our backs, diverting the resources that we have generated into ever more distorting and damaging schemes, hopeless programmes and deadly confrontations with other monkeys.
The futility of attacking the state is reiterated, or of expecting political animals to accomplish anything with their taxing and punishing tools. The first and most important step is to live without the state as a focus in our lives, and to start building to survive its decay.

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