33 – The other book – Sun of gOd

Discover what Gregory Sams calls  “the biggest elephant in the room”.

Just as Gaia theory presents a living, conscious earth, so Sun of gOd  makes us aware of a living stellar consciousness and explores what this means to the cosmos and us. 

Smoothly weaving together solar science, cosmology, chaos theory, ancient wisdom and his own personal insights, Sams creates an extremely compelling case for the notion that all matter in the universe is alive with consciousness and that the Sun is nothing less than a celestial deity. Could all stars, in fact, be conscious entities living in galactic communities? And what does this mean to you and me?


According to Greg Sams, the Sun is much more than just a giant ball of fire…I’m beginning to suspect that he is right.”

Jonathan Cainer, Astrologer, The Daily Mail

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