5 Playing God?

A brief chapter that discusses whether a God, should such exist, is likely to be devoting His or Her energies to plotting out molecules and microbes; laying out rivers and mountains; and deciding how many types of fish to put in the sea. There just isn’t much evidence of a God who forcibly intervenes in events to get His way. The world that we live inĀ  appears to get on with itself, adapting to new circumstance and resolving problems as they arise.

If there is some God, then its power is based on allowing every element of creation to be free to create and enjoy its own destiny in a universe that is intrisically programmed to create order. We enjoy this order in everything from the delicate skin of our earth’s atmosphere to the complex bacteria that protect our own skin and help us digest our food. This free system works, and when we use our considerable intellectual powers to construct an artificial structure that attempts to forcibly control the system, we are not playing at being God – we are denying and obstructing the greatest tool that was built into the universe.