9 The Constant Confrontation

“It is safe to assert that no government proper ever had a provision in its organic law for its own termination”

Abraham Lincoln, Inaugural address 1861

The mechanics of any state has hinged upon confrontation from its very beginnings, when a previous state was beaten either by force, deceit or a popular election. Our own personal experience of the state is most commonly of the confrontational variety, whether over parking tickets, granting of permissions, adherence to regulation, or tax demands. This is considered a normal way of going about things for those in control.

Points out just how much we, as a society, are able to produce without confrontation. We look at the variety of shoes on sale. It is not about boots confronting shoes or sandals versus tongs. Take your choice. The state engages itself in making EITHER/OR decisions that pit one side against the other, whereas in society we manage well with BOTH/AND solutions that allow diversity. We are able to generate better self-governing mechanisms than the confrontational “regulating, banning or taxing it” tactics that are the first resort of the state.

Sure we have some big problems, but perhaps we will some day realize that government is not going to “fix” the drug problem, nor legislate racial harmony, nor tax us into being green, nor protect us from those corporations that line its pockets. Then we may develop effective and protective solutions to those problems – solutions which do not thrive upon the continuation of the problems.